Rafevi (土耳其)

Rafevi 系列傢俱機動性高,展現個性,為生活帶來趣味

Rafevi has been set up as a furniture brand focused on design, which aims to draw attention with its elegant and innovative designs by Tamada furniture which continues have its production in modular furniture. Rafevi shares the “leadership” mission together with Tamada and aims to be a leading company, especially in the category of furniture accessories.

Rafevi will not be a trend follower, but a trend setter in the market owing to its enormous strength for design.

Rafevi has a quite distinctive relation with its users and perspective for products. Rafevi considers each product designed as a minute but significant occasion to make its users happy. It is aimed to create happy experiences in the user by each product designed passionately in Rafevi studios.

Rafevi adopts a policy to be a brand that always has strong emotional relations with its users and will never have an ordinary client-salesman relation with its users. A warm smile we bring on the face on a Rafevi user will be our greatest motivation.

Rafevi designs privileged products for its users to make them feel special. This privilege is aimed to be enjoyed by more people with the products we offer for reasonable prices, rather than by only a small group.

Wish to make you happy with our increasing variety of products and designs…


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